About me



Gerico Canlapan has been a professional photographer for over 20 years and has traveled the different places on assignments for some of the worldʼs most successful companies.

Unusually for an advertising & commercial photographer Geri is what he calls ‘multi-disciplinedʼ. Having started his career in photojournalism he is comfortable and actively enjoys shooting across a range of genres. Geriʼs ethos is that ‘variety is the spice of lifeʼ and that the visual philosophies for creating effective images are universal. Here is a brief synopsis of his career in the industry…

Early on, Gerico has been mesmerized by photographs on just every printed material: from books,periodicals, to the newspaper that serves as packaging for native dried fish. Geri has always been fond of pictures representing individual significance. He was strongly influenced by his older brother, Nixon, who is a journalist along with famous professional photographers of the countryʼs broadcasting industry. He embraced photography as his passion in 1989, and began collaborating with several local business tycoons who are interested in the same art; but he later left to pursue a career abroad to bet his fortune in the international arena. The experience he had in his homeland affected him earnestly, and decided to use his profound knowledge to take his path to a higher degree. In 2004, after years of toil, Geri held his first oneman photo exhibition at the Diplomatic Quarters in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, during Philippinesʼ 106th Anniversary of Independence. He presented a phenomenal exposition that depicts his personal experiences and his discovery that the amazing occurs in the lives of common people. He has proven indeed that anyone can be a success if you have zeal for your craft and see the splendor beyond each subject, as they are a vital tool in producing irreplaceable work of art. Since then, Geri has gone on producing many other famous conceptual and glamour portraits, including advertisements displayed on billboards that are often seen in the streets of Saudi Arabia. In 2005, he was bequeathed an award as one of Philippinesʼ Modern Day Hero for Culture and Performing Arts, wherein the prestigious title is bestowed upon citizens who brought pride and dignity to the nation, and given personally by the countryʼs most prominent leader, the President. Today, Gerico Canlapanʼs work appears at the top of major international advertising companies and leading brands worldwide. In addition to his passion, Geri occasionally publishes his creations in his website, which is connected to over a thousand contacts across the globe. Gerico is the founder–and Chief Executive Officer–of CAMERADERIE, an association that provides support and opportunities for photography aficionados of Filipino society in Saudi Arabia.